3D Space for Traveller and Writing

By way of a mental break, I’ve been tinkering with 3D star charts for gaming/writing again.
This is a randomly populated 10 x 10 box, with 20 systems, plus connections (hand drawn – sorry!) of 4 units or less. The up and down arrows mark exits to the next box, as do systems on the edge of the chart. System 11 is fairly clearly the sector hub, since most “through traffic” has to visit it.

Something like this would be limited for galaxy spanning exploration, but actually fine for something more Traveller-like: plodding from one system to the next, having adventures all the way.   The only snag is that for the sector to make sense, you’d have to generate all 10 sectors beyond its borders. It might be better instead to treat the galaxy as a collection of arbitrary, overlapping, clusters with limited bottleneck connections.

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